Work in Progress

What is currently brewing in the big pot? Good question. Though the answer is long and tedious — and getting longer every day.
Below are some of the stories currently filling up my computer hard-drive in various stages of the writing process.

Yeah, some of them have covers already, though they’re only half-finished.

Through the Veil of Time

Veil of TimeThe “original” inspired-by-the-movie book. I saw 300 and couldn’t help but think “What if…” The muse if fickle, though. But this is the story with the most words written out of all on this page.

Current Status: Writing


MasqueradeYour typical switch-places story. Two cousins look so very much alike (their mothers were twins) and decide (well, one of them does) to switch places in order to teach a guy a lesson. Only it’s the cousins that end up learning something.

Current Status: Writing

The Phoenix

PhoenixMy first attempt at a historical. So far, so good, and I absolutely love the beginning. How (and when) it’ll end, no one knows.

Current Status: Writing

Undercover (working title)

An idea come to life after a two-parter dream. I’m still wondering whether I saw it in a movie or read it in a book, but drawing a blank.

Current Status: Writing

Flash of Green (Hoist The Colors)

Another story spawned by a movie. This time it was the second viewing of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Hopefully I won’t suck at modern pirate stories, all I know is I won’t suck when it comes to the romance part of the story [she says modestly ^^].

Current Status: Thinking about it

Love on Christmas

It’s a Christmas story (as you might have guessed from the title) and it’s been in stagnation for quite a while. Don’t fret, though. One of these Christmases it’s coming on the shelves. I promise.

Current Status: Hoping

The Fine Line Between Love And Hate (working title)

I started this one with high hopes last year, but after only three chapters the enthusiasm quickly disappeared. In short: Veronica and Marcus have been high-school sweethearts, but she brusquely ended their relationship. A few years later, she’s a scarred war-zone photographer, fighting for her life every day, while he’s a successful movie producer with the worst reputation in Hollywood. One thing is certain though, he still plagues her dreams and he still sees her face in every woman he meets. Though the nature of their feelings for each other is debatable.

Current Status: Planning

Angel Dust (working title)

The first book in a series I’m planning. The stories will be action-packed, hovering between thriller and mystery, so there will be little space for romance. The entire thing will take a while, because the plot will be based on loads of research and that ain’t easy.

Current Status: Planning / Researching