Below are all my current novels and short stories listed in reverse chronological order.

Shadow of RevengeShadow of Revenge

genre: contemporary romance / romantic suspense
length: novel
released: January 2009

When Regan Ashford and her brother’s best friend, Damien Shaw, first met, sparks flew, but her fiery spirit and his bad-boy reputation prevented them from ever acting on the strong attraction burning between them…

Christmas LoveChristmas Love

genre: seasonal contemporary romance
length: short story
released: December 2007

It’s another Christmas Eve for roommates, colleagues, and eternal bickering partners, Lana and Cole. Yet it’s not the same as the previous years, because there is something heavy in the air, charged with pent-up emotions…

Moonlight PhantomMoonlight Phantom

genre: romantic suspense
length: novella
released: November 2007

In the city that never sleeps, a new threat is dawning. In the shadow of the full moon a phantom is lurking, waiting for its prey. No one knows his name, no one has seen his face, everybody fears this ghost in the moonlight…