Alathea Wright is not my real name. I decided to use a nom de plume, because my true name is quite difficult to pronounce by those who don’t know what they’re doing.

Alathea is a variant of Alethea which in Greek means verity and truth. It was also a variant of the name of the goddess of truth in Greek mythology.
Wright is a synonym for craftsman, artisan.

So basically my pen name means a truth-speaking artist, which is quite a contradiction seing what I do for a living.

You know how an author’s bio – whether on the back cover of a book or on their website – always begins with “she lives in [fill in the blank] with a devoted husband, three adorable sons, two dogs and a cat…”?

Well, mine doesn’t.

I’m happily (depends on the day of the month) single, living my life to the fullest. I love to write and read (not exactly in that order), travel, going to the movies, listen to music, and catch my favorite shows on TV.

I’ve been addicted to books since my childhood, when my mother read me fairy-tales, even before I was born. Having developed such a big love for literature, I devoured the “kiddy” half of my town’s library when I was still in the fourth grade. So I moved onto the “grown-up” section. There my love for adventure and mystery literature began, reading Agatha Christie and Edgar Wallace.

It was only in high-school when I discovered the so-called chick lit (historical romances) when I bought my first Amanda Quick book…And I was hooked, soon moving onto the contemporary and (my favorite) paranormal romances.

A firm believer in love that lasts forever – even if it’s only in the movies or on the pages of books – a soul-mate for each of us, and happily ever after, I strive to put as much emotion and passion into the characters I create as possible, trying to make them live on their own, hoping they might transmit something of mine (and theirs) to the reader.