Welcome to my website. This site is the right place for you to learn more about all my romance books that are currently, or will soon be, available, whether as paperbacks or in e-book format. Here you will find tales of secret service agents, snipers, intriguing businessmen, time-travelling warriors, double identities, hidden pasts, dark secrets, and even a few modern-day witches thrown in for good measure.

I’m starting small, and I’ll probably stay small, but I love writing, be it fanfiction or the “straight” kind. Sometimes inspiration strikes with a dream, a movie, a song…Sometimes I just think “What if…” But it always strikes, and so I’m here.
The muse on the other hand…Well, she’s a completely different story. No matter how good an inspiration, the muse will eventually pack her things and go on an extended vacation. Hence the “starting small, staying small” part.

So, relax, this is a tiny “web-home”, browse, read the excerpts, and come back from time to time to check up on me. 😉

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Shadow of RevengeShadow of Revenge

The past…
When Regan Ashford and her brother’s best friend, Damien Shaw, first met, sparks flew, but her fiery spirit and his bad-boy reputation prevented them from ever acting on the strong attraction burning between them.

Can influence the present
Now, a decade later, Damien, returns from his self-imposed exile a changed man, attempting to redeem himself in the eyes of the woman who’s captured him all those years ago. But Regan, still chafed from their last encounter, stubbornly refuses to have anything to do with him and her icy rejections hurt her as much as they hurt him.

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Latest News

December 30, 2011

Yeah, well. It’s not going to happen. The book I hoped to finish by the end of 2011 will not be finished by the end of 2011. It happens. Too often for my taste, but it happens. There’s always next year, right. 😉

July 19, 2011

I’ve opened another page/section on this website—the coming soon section. For now, there’s only one book in it, scheduled for release in 2011…And it has three covers. Now, I have to decide which one to use.

July 17, 2011

Last night I saw (again) the movie 300 and the muse for Through the Veil of Time is suddenly back. Yay!
Only, I’ll probably keep that one in the novella range, just to be on the safe side, lest the muse takes off again.

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